Are You 432 Tuned Yet?

Brain Processing Pitch

If you have not tuned in at 432 Hz yet you could be way under performing you life movements.

What is 432 Hz tuning?

It has been described as a tone that is mathematically consistent with the universe.
That is to say that music based on this tone, also referred to as “Verdi’s ‘A'”, could be
beneficial in that it is a tone pure and fundamental to nature (2).

GuseppVerdi_001Mozart and Verdi based their music on the natural vibration, of the A tone being 432 Hz rather than the standard A vibration of 440 Hz (3). And while that is only 8 vibrations per second apart from the standard A; the impact on our consciousness has been reported by some to be remarkable (1).

So it might be something worth trying. Just listen while you work, study or better still DON”T DO ANYTHING for say 15 to 30 minutes. Just kickback, close your eyes, relax, empty your mind of all thought, breath in, let the breath out s-l-o-w-l-y; then repeat, and repeat.

All of your thoughts and their associated attachments will still be there 15 or 30 minutes from now. But when that time has passed and you open your eyes, you will have experienced you first 432 Hz tuning!

Then every day, preferably at the same time, in the same place DO IT AGAIN!

Overtime the more you tune the better you should feel!

TRY IT — what can you lose?


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Big Brother IS already Watching YOU!

It has recently been reported that Google is scanning  all of our emails!

According to a June 27th article, (1) in the UK news publication The Guardian:

Company did read emails in personal Gmail accounts to target users with tailored adverts but said it would stop

Google says not to worry they were just trying to pick out words that would help them direct advertising that would be more to YOUR taste. On the face of it that sounds ok but why didn’t they ask your permission first?

Good question!

Well one of the reasons is because they don’t want YOU to know how much money they are making using YOUR information to bill their advertisers — who BTW turn right around and target YOU again to buy their products.

Some will say — don’t get excited! It’s just business as usual. I say no problem but how about kicking back some of that ad revenue to me for use of my information — and ask me first!

Others will say hey you are getting FREE email service in exchange. I say BALONEY if Google showed the amount of revenue they are making from my “stolen” information I am sure i would be getting the “short end of the stick”.

Otherwise why are they “stealing” my info in dark of night with out telling me.

Oh, the other reason they might be doing this under cover is because “The Patriot Act” is forcing them to report my opinions good, bad and otherwise to prevent terror.

Show me how that is effective and MAYBE I would get on board. But it’s just like taking my shoes off at the airport — looks and sounds good but is NOT effective.

But having all that personal information is real GOLD to the political parties for election engineering, sermonizing and of course find a “bad guy” on demand.

And the worse part is we are letting companies like Google get away with it by using their search engine over and over every day!

I am old enough (66) and spent 30 years in the IT industry to know there used to be at least a half dozen search engines. But now that’s be down to about four or five.


Because that’s how markets (i.e. voters, customers, plain old folk) are managed in a cartel capitalist America!

Don’t get me wrong it could be worse and IS worse in some other countries but what makes it bad in America is there NO NEED to do it that way except for GREED.

And on it goes…



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Censorship for WW III

The only major world news organization that would allow the rest of the world, including the US, to see what’s really happening on the battlefield of WW III is about to be gaged.

That’s because during the Vietnam war the US learned that when American citizen’s can see the horror of war many will not allow the killing to continue in their name.


Now that the world may be on the doorstep of the next world war, the war against Iran and it’s allies Russia and Syria. An attempt is underway to shut down ALJazzera, the only world wide view port in the middle east with English coverage. (1)


Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain cut ties to Qatar this month over allegations that the country funds “terrorism” – an accusation that Qatar denies. (1).

Well if that’s true what the heck has the US been doing there with a Super Air Base build, paid for and gifted to the US by Qatar?


Israel Air Force F-16’s with US Refueling Tanker

Another interesting note is that Israel has moved a large number of its planes into Saudi Arabia in the past few days. (2).

While this sort of alliance may sound strange the Wall Street Journal reported this week that when it comes to the Saudi’s proxy war with Syria Israel has been aligned with the Saudi’s from the git-go. Indeed they have been supplying Syrian Rebels near the border with Israel with cash, food, and medical supplies for years. The goal of which is to carve out a buffer zone populated by friendly forces. (3).

SaudiKingSalman01And if that’s not strange enough it is claimed that these jets and other aircraft recently sent by Israel were to — get this — to help the new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman stave off a possible coup by ousted ex-crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef. (4). Moreover, check this out:

Analysts argue that Mohammed bin Nayef was also the most pro-American of the Saudi leadership, who, unlike his father, led the battle against al-Qaeda.

He attended school in the United States, taking classes at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. In the late 1980s, Mohammed bin Nayef studied at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before succeeding his father’s position at the Interior Ministry. He also took “anti-terrorism” courses at the Scotland Yard Unit.

Before the September 11 attacks in the US, Mohammed bin Nayef had already developed a relationship with US officials as a respected figure in the “war on terrorism”. So why would he be ousted by the Trump Administration and Israel?

This is double strange as Israel and Saudi Arabia DO NOT have formal diplomatic relations. (4). Talk about through the looking glass! The article went on to say that Salman allegedly bribed US president Donald Trump by paying him $56 million dollars!

So now all that’s need is a “false flag” attack or incident against the tiny nation of Qatar and BOOM! The Saudi’s, with planes from Israel, and of course the US, (the new Allies) will attack the new Axis (Syria, Russia and Iran).

Meanwhile the major media outlets in US and Britain will be broadcasting the usual happy talk until the breaking news that President Trump has acted decisively. Just as G.W. Bush said he had to act after 911 and everything thing else is wiped off the peoples agenda such as the healthcare bill, the collapsing of the stock market and currency and the dive into another depression.

Geeze! It’s the WW II playbook part-II. There in Act-1, we had Pearl Harbor then in Act-2, all the men, without jobs, found them as solider’s, finally in Act-3 we had the boom after the war. Well we now already had Act-1 again — that was 911!

The_A-Bomb_001Except this time it won’t just be two A-Bombs on Japan. It could be, as Conde Rice said a field of mushroom clouds. And that just might bring the entire curtain down.

FCS, I think all those who fought in WW II have died, except some of the generals, planners and other higher ups who still have that plan stuck in their heads or are just too old to be able to come up with a better way to manage things. If it has to be one power I prefer the US having grown up here and managed to make it to 66 so far. For me I  would have thought by now we  in the US could put our power and resources to better use to manage this world. Somebodies got to do it, and it can’t be the banksters, and zealots of all shades of gray.

And so on it goes…


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Healthcare NOT Insurance!

Insurance company’s are casino’s NOT healthcare providers! 

Maintenance for a company’s machines keeps a productivity up — the same should be true of another part of the company’s production assetsThe Worker!


American citizen’s need healthcare NOT health insurance! But too bad everything in the American capitalist system has to be sold for a profit. Notice i did not say no one should not have to pay. Indeed, providing good healthcare is good business. Even Adam Smith thought so way back 200 years ago!

More than two centuries ago, Adam Smith noted in his Wealth of Nations that workers are less likely to work productively “when they are frequently sick than when they are generally in good health.…[Sickness] cannot fail to diminish the produce of their industry.”

Just like having properly maintained, reliable, smooth running machines to run a  business having healthy people will work the same way.

Perhaps there should be law allowing employers a schedule of depreciation on each employee they already have a law for their machines!

But once again just a few company’s have a monopoly on the healthcare business. Some of these are (in order of highest revenue).

  1. CVS Health – $139 billion
  2. McKesson – $138 billion
  3. UnitedHealth Group – $130 billion
  4. AmerisourceBergen – $119 billion
  5. Express Scripts Holdings – $109 billion

With all the dollars for lobbying they have a very tight grip on the folks that are supposed to be looking out for the American citizen — the US Congress.

AMACompStudy01A survey conducted by the American Medical Association found a lack of competition in 72 percent of the states in the US. 

Additionally, 17 states had a single health insurer with a commercial market share of 50% or more, and 45 states had two health insurers with a combined commercial market share of 50% or more.

“The AMA is greatly concerned that in 41% of metropolitan areas, a single health insurer had at least a 50% share of the commercial health insurance market,” declared AMA President Robert M. Wah, M.D.. “The dominant market power of big health insurers increases the risk of anti-competitive behavior that harms patients and physicians, and presents a significant barrier to the market success of smaller insurance rivals,” he commented. (4)

Here are the top ten health insurance companies from the AMA survey.


What Sick Employee’s Cost US Businesses

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employers lose $228.8 billion of productivity per year due to issues related to employee absenteeism. That’s about $1685 per employee per year. In addition, according an to a report in the Harvard Business Review, more employee’s are working while they are sick costing employer’s another $150 to $250 billion which amounts to about 60 percent of the cost of total worker illness. Add to that chronic diseases, a rapidly ageing work force, stress, fatigue and depression which ever more cost is incurred.

Two articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association last year reported that depression set U.S. employers back some $35 billion a year in reduced performance at work and that pain conditions such as arthritis, headaches, and back problems cost nearly $47 billion. (2}.

Employer Cost for Employee Health Insurance

Annual premiums for employee health insurance were up 3 percent in 2016 to $18,142 for family coverage (3).

Worker Cost For Employer Provided Health Insurance

worker paid on average $5277 per year for coverage (3).

What about the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act, (ACA), which most folks know by the name “Obama Care” is being overhauled by the current administration under president Donald Trump and his majority Republican Congress. ACA was created in 2010 during the Obama administration to attempt to provide healthcare insurance for those who can’t get insurance through an employer a mentioned about.

It is designed to do this by expanding existing Medicaid.  In order to qualify your income must not be greater than $16,394 per year for individuals.

However, since Medicaid is a program administered by individual states some states opted out of the expansion due to the addition taxes so there is no expansion in those states.

But once again this is a profit making business of insurance it’s NOT a healthcare plan. In this case instead of the employer and the workers paying a portion to the insurance companies the tax payers pay a subsidy to the insurance companies.

Sounds like the same scheme to me. Indeed if you are a worker or employer not only are you paying insurance premiums but are paying AGAIN for the uninsured or ACA through your taxes!

Insurance companies BET you won’t get sick !

And remember you are paying a private company the insurance provider to hedge his bets against all the money in premiums they collect and invest which makes them even MORE money!


And that money is not just plowed back into the company to cover the insured or uninsured — like you might do saving for a rainy day. It goes into the pockets of speculative investors and high level officer pay and bones!

So it’s not Healthcare it’s  Business!



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US Fights Another War for Europe!

I bet you thought the Allies of which the US was the principal financier and participant was won and ended in 1945 — Right?


The Allies are still at war today — protecting our buddies on “The Continent” from the evil empire of Russia! Same old story, slight change of venue. I recall Dick Cheney saying that the middle east is the new Europe. By that he meant after World War Two “the Iron Curtain” became the dividing line between the peace earned by the Allies and the Communists who where primarily represented by — you guessed the USSR (i.e. the Russian’s). Now it’s Syria!

Where is this war continuing?


Here’s why.

Europe gets 25% of its natural gas from SURPRISE — Russia! Yep, it has been coming through a pipeline from Russia through Turkey and then into Europe. And since Europe get really cold and since natural gas does not pollute like coal every winter that Russian Gas really comes in handy.

Indeed a few years back a political spat erupted and guess what — Russia turned off the Gas causing them to get their way by freezing out our friends in Europe.

Next thing you know Europe wants an alternate supply of Gas. But from where?

Turns out that Qatar, that tiny little island just off the coast of Saudi Arabia, just happens to be the owner of the major portion of the largest natural gas field in the world — called the North Dome/South Pars. It’s just off shore from Qatar and about 3000 meters down. Oh, BTW the owner of the remaining portion of it is Iran — Yikes!

Naturally Turkey does not want to change the existing arrangement due to money made from Russia and the political pressure and more that Russia could apply against it. So Qatar buys and builds the largest air base in the world — a US Base — and gifts it to the US. Why?

To facilitate the construction of a new gas pipe line from Qatar through Saudi Arabia up through Syria and up to Turkey. In other words just cut the Russian’s out by taking a more circuitous route.

Of course this would require a few things happen.

First Turkey would have to step away from the existing Russian deal. And of course to do this they would probably up their carry charges. But the US has plenty of fiat money to pay them and don’t forget that BIG US base, the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, with all kinds of B52H bombers, fighters and so on for use in a worst case scenario.

Next a deal needed to made with Syria to allow the pipeline to go through their country. Consequently a memorandum was signed allowing that to happen.

Of course all of this made Russian very happy — NOT!!

Further as it turns out Russia also had a deal with Syria to lease a port on it’s coast. So Russia puts pressure on Syria. Syria backs out of the signed deal. Turkey then tries to force Syria not to back out by arming and sending in “freedom fighters” with weapons from you guessed it — the Allies — mainly US again.

The war in Syria is sold to the people and the press as a civil war over religious differences.

It is actually a “false flag” operation to force Syria back into the deal. When this happens Syria decides to counter by accepting assistance from Russia and Iran.

The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them

And there you have it BOOM!

Everyone is fighting over another regime change in Syria (read another proxy war between the Allies and the Axis) to enable gas from Qatar to get to Europe!

And on it goes….


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Where is BitCoin Mined?

Panning for REAL Gold!

Gold is mined from mines in the earth so where is BitCoin mined?

Why is Gold so valuable? Because it is a hard process to dig it out of the earth, refine it, move it to the market. That’s called intrinsic value.

So why would digital coin for example BitCoin be valuable? It doesn’t have to be dug out of the earth or refined it just needs to be moved to the market. I don’t see any intrinsic value in that. Indeed it sounds like the “Tulip Delusion” or the “Pet Rock”. Or — Yikes! Fiat paper money issued by “The Fed”. But wait — there is no central bank for BitCoin — right? Wrong! Let’s look at how BitCoin is “mined”.

Computer Cycles = BitDust = BitCoin

That’s right for computer cycles generated by a computer’s CPU (i.e. central processing unit or processor chip) so much “bitcoin-dust” is extracted from the mine. Just like those gold miners back in the day of the big California Gold Rush who wandered around the mountains and desert digging up gold ore refined to gold dust which was accumulated into coins and bars!

Real mine or digital?

Digital Mining is WAY easier that GOLD mining!

You even can open your own BitCoin mine today!

All you have to do is sign up for access to software that you download from the internet. Then you let that software run on your computer and you don’t even have to babysit it. You just let it run, and run and run, day and night twenty-four-seven!

That’s it! Your computer and the software IS your personal “stake” or “claim” in the mine.

Digital Mine

Once you download and run that software, called a client, you now become a “BitCoin-Node” of the entire BitCoin network. Keep in mind that the BitCoin Network is NOT a centralized network but is a distributed or peer-to-peer network. You can visualize it as a string of Christmas tress lights where each bulb is a separate and distinct node of the string.

How can that be? Well, the software you download does something special.

It is designed to calculate the answer to a very specific math problem known as a “hash”. Using a process called “Proof-Of-Work” performs the calculation then attempts to record the answer as a data record called a block in a database on your computer called the block-chain or BitCoin Public Ledger.

Every node on the BitCoin distributed network keeps a copy of the database on its computer.

Distributed BitCoin Network

Every node (i.e. client) on gets an updated copy of it every 10 minutes. When 2016 blocks have been written to the database every BitCoin client node checks the actual time taken to create theses blocks within the past two weeks and a number called “the target” is modified by the percentage difference. Each time the target changes the proof-of-work problem becomes more or less difficult to solve. However a single re-target will never change the target by more than a factor of 4 either way preventing large changes in difficulty.

So, how does all that result in BitCoin from your mine getting into your BitCoin Wallet?

Here’s how!

BitCoin Block-Chain, Public Ledger

Depending on how close your computers answer is to the target value (less than or equal to), your block will get added to the block-chain (i.e. Public Ledger). The answer is called the block header hash and it is the totally unique number that identifies the block you want to add to the bit coin chain. Once added, every other node on the network will be then competing to beat your answer just as you did when your node’s software competed to do so. If your answer is greater than the current target, your block will NOT be added and your software will try to create a new answer and on, and on, and on.

In order to get your block added to the chain your software also beat everyone else on the BitCoin Network with submitting your answer.

Super Fast BitCoin Mine!

So, your computer’s CPU must be FAST in order to calculate a winning answer. This will allow your computer to submit it’s answer BEFORE any other node competing on the BitCoin Network. And if your computer did not calculate a winning hash, a FAST CPU will allow for quicker retries. Of course Faster CPU’s cost more money, generate more heat and use more electricity. These factors all different your node “mine” from others on the BitCoin Network.

This is how BitCoin creates it’s intrinsic value — just like Gold which is difficult to mine and deliver. BitCoin digitally creates a set of “hardships” that result in value being associated with it.

As your computer writer more blocks to the chain by successfully completing more “Proof-Of-Work” processes over and over your BitCoin mine fills your BitCoin wallet with more and more BitCoin!

Digital Mining is Easier!

BTW, the BitCoin you mine are stored in an electronic “Wallet” — think debt card without the card. You can then use your BitCoin Wallet to buy products and services using your desktop, tablet, notebook or smartphone from provider who will accept your bitcoin.

Check the references below for more details, in particular Maneco64 has some very easy to understand, informative, and practical “real world” insights.


  1. BitCoin Wiki
  2. BitCoin Mining The Details
  3. Maneco64 — Great Videos On Economics and BitCoin






Using Visa to spend BitCoin?

BusyDoingNothing_001Using a Bank debt card to spend your BitCoin is an oxymoron!

You know like military-intelligence, Jumbo-Shrimp, virtual-reality and so on! Recall that an oxymoron is a rhetorical device used many time to highlight the absurdity of what one is doing or proposing.

Keep in mine the core purpose of the ENTIRE Cryptocurrency movement is to return control to the INDIVIDUAL of the value of their personal wealth by freeing them from having to store, ship, and receive units representing it using the age old, totally manipulated, corrupt, existing banking and other financial systems.

Here is the formal definition of a cryptocurrency of which one is BitCoin. Note that is designed from the git-go to provide an place to store personal wealth beyond the restriction and confiscation.

from Wikipedia

Knowing this you can easily see how using bank cards such as Visa, Master Card and so on runs counter to this purpose. In other words is an oxymoron!

Sure some folks are saying now that there aren’t enough business and other organizations that accept say, BitCoin. But I am old enough (66 he he he) to remember when these banks cards were getting started and some merchants would say “I will give you a better price if you pay cash.” and that was because they would not have to pay the extra charge, (i.e. pass that charge to you) to motivate you to buy their product. That’s what is need now with cryptocurrency — more marketing. Tell your local merchants when you shop you will buy more if they accept cryptocurrency. Don’t worry about the big stores the real power is in YOUR hands — vote with you spending power!

Just about everyone I encounter these days has a “smart phone” and a bunch of folks use these to play games, watch videos and listen to music not just to make phone calls. And some, even have downloaded their bank mobile banking app so they can see their balance, send money and in some case actual pay by placing their phone near a device on a merchants counter to pay for goods and services.

Well you can do the same thing with apps that use cryptocurrency as well — you just download a Crypto-app to your phone.

When you use the crypto-app instead of your banks mobile app you can do all the same kinds of transactions but OUTSIDE the existing banking system.

In most cases the cost per translation is zero or certainly less than the local bank. All you need is internet access which is available just about everywhere is the world these days.

For example, if I come and do cut your grass every two weeks you just pay me by sending me payment to my the crypto-app on my phone by transferring a portion of your wealth in your crypto-app wallet. It’s all digital and it’s just between you and me. The bankster’s are out!

Wait, wait — you say how can this be secure and outside the banking system.

It’s because of a few things built into the crypto-system. First is something called the block-chain and second is because unlike the existing system which is a centralized system the crypto-system is decentralized.

So what’s a block-chain? Without getting too technical, (see other posts and pages on my site for deep dive details), it is a way that the crypto-app on your phone records and encrypts yours and my transaction and labels it with a super-deep-mathematical code such that makes it totally unique within the entire internet. Because this occurs digitally no eyes ever see it.

And second, because the crypto-system is decentralized the location of every single one of these transactions is also stored using a similar digital no eyes method. That is no one can see them except the computer software. And furthermore, when the computer software attempts to retrieve this data it must be mathematically de-crypted correctly and match the labels on the block-chain or retrieval will fail. When a failure is detected then just that portion of the crypto-system is alerted.

There is NO central store house for this data or software it is distributed across the entire world on different computers, communication lines and phones. The banks use their own private internet called STAR which has nothing to do with, control or access over or to the distributed crypto-system. Only individuals using the crypto-app on their phones have access.

So remember the more and more  we use the crypto-system the less and less the Bankster’s will have control of our wealth and what we do with it.



Qatar Friend or Foe?

US Base in Qatar

So the last couple of days all news has been broadcasting that after President Trumps recent visit to Saudi Arabia he cut a deal for billions of dollars in arms for the Saudi’s but left Qatar out in the cold. Then it was stories about how there was a blockade. But wait their were other stories saying no there was no blockade. Maybe this is the result of State Department head Rex Tillerson letting the president know that he (Tillerson) can do what he likes when he likes. Remember their spat in the Rose garden back on June 9th?

June 9th Rose Garden Press Conference

Then their were stories saying that President Trump has created a cabal of Saudi Arabia, Israel and Iraq to fight Iran! What??

Does the President know the largest military base in the world?

The US base in Qatar has more than 10,000 US personnel stationed there.

Qatar_Base_Planes_B52_001The base also has B52, and B1B, bombers with NUCLEAR BOMBS and so on right there?

Qatar_Arms_Agreement_001Maybe that’s why today the store is about the signing of a $12 billion sale of fighter jets to Qatar. Sound possible that’s one way to alert the President of the strategic importance of the little country of Qatar. Indeed the base is probably the biggest thing in the country and was a gift to the US!

Does this president have any idea what the heck he is doing?

I used to read about G.W. Bush sitting around the White House chomping on pretzels and guzzling beer while watching sports but at least he stayed out of the way and didn’t tweet all day and all night everything that popped into head 10 seconds later.

Wow! I think I just paid G.W. a compliment — the future is always stranger than imagined. Gee just had a thought, could this sale have anything to do with yesterday’s announcement of a rate hike and the unwinding of the Fed’s balance sheet? Hmm…

And on it goes…


House Of Cards:Season-5 Is Chilling!

House_of_Cards_Season_5_PromoSeason 5 is very, very, scary but..

But is also it seems “ripped from the headlines”. I know, I know some of you will answer me with conspiracy, conspiracy! That’s not the case if you have time or the inclination to think about what is Really being dramatized by the writers of the series House of Cards.

Don’t or haven’t worked in the White House, Congress, an office? Not a problem, just think about all the behind the scene maneuvering you had do to to get you son on the local little league team. Or how about getting that neighbor down the street to mow his grass and landscape his property just like you like.  Yep it’s all about human nature and getting that to work ideally, according to MY way of thinking of course will take a L-O-N-G time!

Sure I love watching the series with those two super bad protagonists Frank and Claire Underwood. Why? Because they are so, so, nice and yet so, so bad! Thank heaven it’s only a made-up story for TV. Nobody could be that way — could they?

Underwood, where have I heard that name before? Ah! The Screwtape Letters written by that christian advocate C.S. Lewis where in he, using the theater of the absurd, introduces the common man to the devil himself! Whoa these writers are clever, very clever!

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Let me see, hmm.. let me think. Now that I am retired have lots of free time yesterday I watched our US Attorney General testify he knew nothing absolutely nothing about possible involvement of the Trump campaign with the Russian’s prior to his winning the recent election.

Yet the AG saw fit to recuse himself from the FBI investigation. Then when asked why he did that if he didn’t know anything he pulls out some archaic regulation and quotes it to the committee — UNBELIEVABLE!

Gee, this does sound like something from  the TV series!

Then I wake up this morning and first thing I hear on the news is the headline that 200 congressmen have filed laws suites against the President alleging he is illegally benefiting from his business revenues while in the White House.

Then BOOM —  a congressmen is shot at a softball game and the whole media shifts to that. Gee I wonder why? At this point is the TV series copying reality or is reality copying the TV series by using terror to shift the focus away from the bad news for the administration.

Call me crazy but ever since G.W. Bush administration got us into this state of constant terror and never ending war it sure seems like an awful lot of what used to be called tragic incidents are now called terrorist attacks. Anyway like I said the House of Cards, season 5 is chilling and thank God it just a TV show. LOL!

Kiefer Sutherland as jack Bauer in TV series 24

BTW, where is Jack Bauer when you really need him. Jack? Jack? Do you copy? This is Tony. Come in Jack!

Trump 100 Percent Testify?

Bye Jeff Have Fun! He he he!

President Trump said he would testify 100% then sends Jeff Sessions??

You want me to WHAT??

There he was saying when asked that he would testify UNDER OATH in the “he-said-he-said” incident involving fired FBI director Comey — then he backs out. Sound just like a lot of things he has said such as “I will release my tax returns…” then he didn’t.

This reminds me of the time that George W. Bush was asked to testify to congress and said he would only go if his VP Dick Cheney would go with him. Geeze! Maybe it’s just not good enough anymore to be 35, and American born, to become the President. Perhaps more psychological testing, a degree in political science, and world geography would be some minimums for the job. LOL!

AmberPhillipsWriter01Amber Phillips who writes for TheFix and who’s article was recently published in The Washington Post highlights how President Trump is continuing to make these unsupported charges and how he’s done it before!

Check out the excerpt from her article below:

But soon, Trump could regret this tweet. Congress might be calling the president’s bluff — if that’s what it is — by asking the White House to turn over tapes of Trump’s conversations with Comey (if they exist) and other evidence of their conversations. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) even invited Trump to testify before Congress. (“One hundred percent,” Trump said Friday when asked in a news conference if he’d testify under oath if asked.)

The problem for Trump is that Comey is a largely credible witness, and his testimony under oath was detailed and shocking.

Unlike Comey, Trump has offered no proof. And he appears to be going out of his way to create another story line: Comey is a leaker (true), and maybe even leaked more than we know about and it might be illegal (there is no evidence for this).

Trump has followed this playbook before. And if you measure victory by distraction, it has worked beautifully for him.

It is becoming painfully obvious that President Trump not only is NOT a politician but has been so spoiled his whole life. Why else would he keep shooting from the hip in TV interviews, tweets? I guess nobody ever held him to account for what he says. Sound like his company is full of YES men.

Trump_Podium_01Gee I was really hoping he was going to shake up the establishment and make America great again but he sounding more and more Nixonian as the days go by.

The_A-Bomb_001I hope his SUPER impulsive attitude does not extend to playing with the codes and the football although being in the real estate business “creative” destruction may appeal to him.

And on it goes…