Are You 432 Tuned Yet?

If you have not tuned in at 432 Hz yet you could be way under performing you life movements. What is 432 Hz tuning? It has been described as a tone that is mathematically consistent with the universe. That is to say that music based on this tone, also referred to as "Verdi's 'A'", could …

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House Of Cards:Season-5 Is Chilling!

Season 5 is very, very, scary but.. But is also it seems "ripped from the headlines". I know, I know some of you will answer me with conspiracy, conspiracy! That's not the case if you have time or the inclination to think about what is Really being dramatized by the writers of the series House …

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Trump 100 Percent Testify?

President Trump said he would testify 100% then sends Jeff Sessions?? There he was saying when asked that he would testify UNDER OATH in the "he-said-he-said" incident involving fired FBI director Comey --- then he backs out. Sound just like a lot of things he has said such as "I will release my tax returns..." …

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